You will always want your home to be as good as it can be, and because of this, you should always be thinking about what you could do to improve it. With this in mind, our extensions could well be just what you have been looking for. We have an incredibly talented team with the skills to create the perfect extension for you, so no matter why you are looking for more space, we can tick every box. There really is no time like the present to start thinking about how you can make more of your home, so give us a call to discuss.

Chimney Repairs

Your chimney will need to be well maintained at all times as big problems can occur if left to deteriorate. Brickwork, stonework, mortar and lead flashing will naturally decay over a long period of time so it is vital to keep a watchful eye on your chimney. When mortar crumbles, it leaves the brick or stonework with no support and in some cases, this can lead to chimneys collapsing. The knock on effect of this is that a collapsed chimney will create significant damage to your roof and property but more importantly this could seriously injure you, your family or passers by. Whether your chimney has been storm damaged or if it has just been worn out over time, please get in touch with us today to arrange a repair.


Protecting your home is something that you should always have in your mind, and making sure that you have a quality roof fitted is a good way to do this. If you know that your roof has become worn and damaged, then our re-roofing service could well be the ideal thing for your needs. Our team can work with you to decide upon the best materials and methods to fit your roof to the highest standards, so you can be sure that it will be strong enough to last for years. Contact us to have a detailed chat about your requirements.

Roofing Repairs

One of the main reasons for a leak to your roof is down to the lack of repairs that ultimately results in a weakness. With roofing, there is a natural “out of sight, out of mind” mentality as you don’t spend your days off checking your roof for signs of issues. If you don’t give your roof the care and attention it needs from time to time, it will eventually succumb to the weather conditions and will result in anything from a minor leak to a catastrophic fail. Trying to repair a roof yourself is not something you should consider - leave it to us to solve the issue for you.

Roofline & Gutters

During bad weather, generally the first issue you will find with your roof is guttering breakage or leakage. Like with all aspects of roofing, if your guttering hasn’t received regular maintenance, this is when you are more likely to face problems. Problems ranging from debris accumulation or strong winds causing the guttering to break will result in immediate attention before the problem worsens. Your roofline needs exactly the same care and attention as your guttering, although most of us will not know as much about roofline as we do guttering, but it is just as essential. Get in touch with us today so we can take a look at your issues - or if you would just like us to perform a health-check of your roofline and guttering - no problem.

Slate & Tile

Slate and tile roofs can look stunning, however it is important that you make sure they’re looked after property, as this gives you the best possible chance of keeping your home protected from damage in the future. With this in mind, our team are in an excellent position to help, as we can use all of our skills to repair and fit slate and tile roofs as needed. We have a lot of experience with previous customers who have been thrilled with our work, so if you would like to make the most of our skills, get in touch to book a consultation.

Flat & Felt Roofing

Incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain, flat roofs can be suited to a range of applications and is a relatively low-cost roofing solution, perfect for recreational and decorative finishes. Our roofers only use the finest materials and equipment, with every product we install, from felt roofing to slating and tiling, guaranteed in its durability for years to come. We also provide a complete waterproofing and repair service, working quickly and efficiently to ensure you of a stable roof with a highly professional finish.

Fibreglass Roofing

Having a quality roof on your building should be a priority, as it means that you can keep everything under your roof safe. If you’re not sure about which material you would like to use, then fibreglass is a great option. It is strong and watertight, therefore reducing any chance you may have of future damage. Our team can fit this kind of roofing for you to make sure you have a roofing solution that is going to last, so if you are interested in having a fibreglass roof installed, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

Pitched Roofing

Many people overlook the importance of their pitched roof, but when you consider just how much of a challenge it is to keep water out of your home you will see exactly why your roof should always be in good condition. Our team are here to help with this, and we can repair your current pitched roof or even install an entirely new one if necessary. With this in mind, you are certain to benefit from a conversation with our team, so get in touch with us today to see exactly how all of our skills can be used to your benefit.

Painting & Decorating

We employ a number of experienced painting and decorating professionals in our team to facilitate a broad range of decorative and restorative projects. Indoors or outdoors, whether you need a cracked wall filled in, plaster re skimming, silicone sealant, wallpaper hanging or just a lick of paint, our skilled operatives have got you covered. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of a totally professional finish and keeping your property clean, well maintained and looking great at all times. Call us now to find out more.

Gutter Cleaning

Water damage can cause a lot of problems to your property, and if you have blocked gutters then there is a chance that this could be an issue for your home. It is always better to deal with any kinds of issues sooner rather than later, as it means that you can keep your home safe as much as you can. Our team can deal with everything that you need in relation to cleaning your gutters, meaning that you can rest assured that your home is protected from rain water. To book an appointment with us, get in touch, and we would be happy to help.

UPVC Fascias & Soffits

You always need to make sure that the fascias and soffits on your building are maintained properly, as this means that your roof is always the quality that you would hope for. With this in mind, if you know that there are repairs that need to be done to your property, or you need completely new fascias and soffits, our team are on hand to help you. We can do all necessary work in this respect, to iron out any issues that you may have been experiencing, so for all services relating to fascias and soffits, simply get in touch with one of our experts.

Windows & Doors

Having new windows and doors put on your property is something that can make a big deal of difference to it, as it can change the way that it looks from the outside. Our team are able to help with this, as we can supply and fit many kinds of windows and doors that you are sure to love. We can help you to pick one that is sure to suit you, and will then fit the products to the highest of standards, so if you would like to hear more of what we could do for you, contact us and see how we can help.